The Nameless Man

THERE are only two forms of government the monarchy or personal government, and the republic or impersonal government. England is not a government; England is an anarchy, because there are so many kings. But there is one real advantage (among many real disadvantages) in the method of abstract democracy, and that is this: that under impersonal government politics are so much more personal. In France and America, where the State is an abstraction, political argument is quite full of human details—some might even say of inhuman details. But in England, precisely because we are ruled by personages, these personages do not permit personalities. In England names are honoured, and therefore names are suppressed. But in the republics, in France especially, a man can put his enemies’ names into his article and his own name at the end of it.

This is the essential condition of such candour. If we merely made our anonymous articles more violent, we should be baser than we are now. We should only be arming masked men with daggers instead of cudgels. And I, for one, have always believed in the more general signing of articles, and have signed my own articles on many occasions when, heaven knows, I had little reason to be vain of them. I have heard many arguments for anonymity; but they all seem to amount to the statement that anonymity is safe, which is just what I complain of. In matters of truth the fact that you don’t want to publish something is, nine times out of ten, a proof that you ought to publish it.

But there is one answer to my perpetual plea for a man putting his name to his writing. There is one answer, and there is only one answer, and it is never given. It is that in the modern complexity very often a man’s name is almost as false as his pseudonym. The prominent person today is eternally trying to lose a name, and to get a title. For instance, we all read with earnestness and patience the pages of the ‘Daily Mail,’ and there are times when we feel moved to cry, “Bring to us the man who thought these strange thoughts! Pursue him, capture him, take great care of him. Bring him back to us tenderly, like some precious bale of silk, that we may look upon the face of the man who desires such things to be printed. Let us know his name; his social and medical pedigree.” But in the modern muddle (it might be said) how little should we gain if those frankly fatuous sheets were indeed subscribed by the man who had inspired them. Suppose that after every article stating that the Premier is a piratical Socialist there were printed the simple word “Northcliffe.” What does that simple word suggest to the simple soul? To my simple soul (uninstructed otherwise) it suggests a lofty and lonely crag somewhere in the wintry seas towards the Orkheys or Norway; and barely clinging to the top of this crag the fortress of some forgotten chieftain. As it happens, of course, I know that the word does not mean this; it means another Fleet Street journalist like myself or only different from myself in so far as he has sought to secure money while I have sought to secure a jolly time.

A title does not now even serve as a distinction: it does not distinguish. A coronet is not merely an extinguisher: it is a hiding-place.

But the really odd thing is this. This false quality in titles does not merely apply to the new and vulgar titles, but to the old and historic titles also. For hundreds of years titles in England have been essentially unmeaning; void of that very weak and very human instinct in which titles originated. In essential nonsense of application there is nothing to choose between Northcliffe and Norfolk. The Duke of Norfolk means (as my exquisite and laborious knowledge of Latin informs me) the Leader of Norfolk. It is idle to talk against representative government or for it. All government is representative government until it begins to decay. Unfortunately (as is also evident) all government begins to decay the instant it begins to govern. All aristocrats were first meant as envoys of democracy; and most envoys of democracy lose no time in becoming aristocrats. By the old essential human notion, the Duke of Norfolk ought simply to be the first or most manifest of Norfolk men.

I see growing and filling out before me the image of an actual Duke of Norfolk. For instance, Norfolk men all make their voices run up very high at the end of a sentence. The Duke of Norfolk’s voice, therefore, ought to end in a perfect shriek. They often (I am told) end sentences with the word “together”; entirely irrespective of its meaning. Thus I shall expect the Duke of Norfolk to say: “I beg to second the motion together”; or “This is a great constitutional question together.” I shall expect him to know much about the Broads and the sluggish rivers above them; to know about the shooting of water-fowl, and not to know too much about anything else. Of mountains he must be wildly and ludicrously ignorant. He must have the freshness of Norfolk; nay, even the flatness of Norfolk. He must remind me of the watery expanses, the great square church towers and the long level sunsets of East England. If he does not do this, I decline to know him.

I need not multiply such cases; the principle applies everywhere. Thus I lose all interest in the Duke of Devonshire unless he can assure me that his soul is filled with that strange warm Puritanism, Puritanism shot with romance, which colours the West Country. He must eat nothing but clotted cream, drink nothing but cider, reading nothing but ‘Lorna Doone,’ and be unacquainted with any town larger than Plymouth, which he must regard with some awe, as the Central Babylon of the world. Again, I should expect the Prince of Wales always to be full of the mysticism and dreamy ardour of the Celtic fringe.

Perhaps it may be thought that these demands are a little extreme; and that our fancy is running away with us. Nevertheless, it is not my Duke of Devonshire who is funny; but the real Duke of Devonshire. The point is that the scheme of titles is a misfit throughout: hardly anywhere do we find a modern man whose name and rank represent in any way his type, his locality, or his mode of life. As a mere matter of social comedy, the thing is worth noticing. You will meet a man whose name suggests a gouty admiral, and you will find him exactly like a timid organist: you will hear announced the name of a haughty and almost heathen grande dame, and behold the entrance of a nice, smiling Christian cook. These are light complications of the central fact of the falsification of all names and ranks. Our peers are like a party of mediaeval knights who should have exchanged shields, crests, and pennons. For the present rule seems to be that the Duke of Sussex may lawfully own the whole of Essex; and that the Marquis of Cornwall may own all the hills and valleys so long as they are not Cornish.

The clue to all this tangle is as simple as it is terrible. If England is an aristocracy, England is dying. If this system IS the country, as some say, the country is stiffening into more than the pomp and paralysis of China. It is the final sign of imbecility in a people that it calls cats dogs and describes the sun as the moon—and is very particular about the preciseness of these pseudonyms. To be wrong, and to be carefully wrong, that is the definition of decadence. The disease called aphasia, in which people begin by saying tea when they mean coffee, commonly ends in their silence. Silence of this stiff sort is the chief mark of the powerful parts of modern society. They all seem straining to keep things in rather than to let things out. For the kings of finance speechlessness is counted a way of being strong, though it should rather be counted a way of being sly. By this time the Parliament does not parley any more than the Speaker speaks. Even the newspaper editors and proprietors are more despotic and dangerous by what they do not utter than by what they do. We have all heard the expression “golden silence.” The expression “brazen silence” is the only adequate phrase for our editors. If we wake out of this throttled, gaping, and wordless nightmare, we must awake with a yell. The Revolution that releases England from the fixed falsity of its present position will be not less noisy than other revolutions. It will contain, I fear, a great deal of that rude accomplishment described among little boys as “calling names”; but that will not matter much so long as they are the right names.

~G.K. Chesterton: A Miscellany of Men

Kilkarrak triunfa en Alegría-Dulantzi

El pasado sábado 26 tuvo lugar la gala de clausura del X Festival de Teatro Amateur de Alegría-Dulantzi, con presencia de dos grupos de nuestra Federación: La Puerta Roja, que abrieron el festival el viernes 4 con Por la espalda; y Kilkarrak, que presentaron su Sueño de una noche de verano el sábado 12.
Precisamente los estelleses fueron galardonados con dos premios: el Primer Premio al Mejor Montaje, y el premio al Mejor Actor de Reparto para Pedro Echávarri por su interpretación de los personajes de Egeo y Madejas. Además la obra quedó finalista para el Premio Especial del Jurado y Luci Echávarri también quedó finalista para Mejor Actriz de Reparto por su encarnación de Puck.

Cruces de Mayores y Senior Definidos

Otra Jornada nocturna, la 27º de la Temporada, se vivió este Miércoles con la disputa de la 7º y última Fecha de la Fase Clasificatoria de la Categoría Mayores y la 10º y última Fecha también de la Fase Clasificatoria de la Categoría Senior.

En Mayores, Grosso Vacanze y Los Buluk´s igualaron 2 a 2, Devoto TV Cable derrotó al Super Gioino por 3 a 1, Mecánica Delgado cayó por el mismo resultado con Fermat y Kiosco Nancy se impuso por 4 a 3 a La Gloria.
Con estos resultados las llaves de Cuartos de Final para el próximo Sábado quedaron conformadas de la siguiente manera: Mecánica Delgado-Fermat, Super Gioino-Grosso Vacanze, Los Buluk´s-Devoto TV Cable y Kiosco Nancy-La Gloria.
Los Equipos mencionados en primer término tiene ventaja deportiva por lo que en caso de igualar el partido, estos pasarán a Semifinales.

En Senior, Carnicería Diaz cayó 3 a 2 con Supermercado Jamar, que tuvo una interesante Fase Clasificatoria, Industria Gráfica Vilosio le ganó a Pottes Construcciones por 2a 1 y La Gloria, en el clásico, derrotó a la  Agrupación Verde y Blanca por 2 a 1.
El próximo Sábado en los Cruces se medirán: La Gloria-Pottes Construcciones, La Gloria tiene ventaja deportiva por lo que en el caso de ganar o empatar pasa directamente a la Final por haber terminado 1º en la Tabla, si pierde volverán a enfrentarse en un partido definitorio.
En los dos restantes partidos programados entre Industria Gráfica Vilosio-Carnicería Diaz y Agrupación Verde y Blanca-Supermercado Jamar, los primeros mencionados tienen ventaja deportiva, por lo que, en caso de empatar, pasarán a Semifinales. 

Lerin-100% y CVNO-Cosmopolita las Semifinales en Menores

Tarde con muchas emociones dejó la disputa de la 26º Jornada de la Liga Amateur de Fútbol en donde se destacaron de la Programación, los partidos de Cuartos de Final en Menores donde ya están los cuatro Semifinalistas que buscarán un lugar en la Final el próximo Sábado.

Precisamente en esta Categoría, la tarde comenzó con la derrota de Electricidad Juarez a manos de Gomería Braian por 4 a 1, partido éste correspondiente a la Ronda Consuelo, ya en Cuartos de Final y en un partido electrizante, Los Furlanes, que llegaron a esta instancia con ventaja deportiva y tuvieron todo para pasar de ronda, no lo aprovecharon y 100% Deportivo sobre el Final se llevó toda la alegría al imponerse por 3 a 2 tras haber estado dos veces abajo en el marcador, Escapes San Cayetano volvió a sufrir el Sindrome escénico y a pesar de tener la ventaja deportiva, no la supo aprovechar y cayó ante el experimentado Centro Vecinal Noroeste, que de esto sabe mucho, que lo derrotó por 3 a 1, Sociedad Cosmopolita no le tuvo lástima a Ferretería AM que llegaba muy ancho de pecho aunque encontró un Equipo solido en todas sus líneas que le ganó por 3 a 0 y en el cierre, Lerin Performance, muy habituado a estas instancias, goleó de manera cómoda por 4 a 1 a Panadería La Flor, libre quedó Pollería ADN.
El próximo fin de semana por las Semifinales se verán las caras: 100% Deportivo-Lerin Performance y Centro Vecinal Noroeste-Sociedad Cosmopolita.

En Mayores por la 6º Fecha del Torneo Clausura, La Gloria cayó por 4 a 1 ante Los Buluk´s, Kiosco Nancy se quedó sin bateria y el Super Gioino lo supo aprovechar y le ganó 2 a 0 y cosechó 3 puntos importantísimos que lo colocan como único escolta de su derrotado, Devoto TV Cable y Fermat igualaron 0 a 0 y en el ocaso de la tarde, Grosso Vacanze perdió 3 a 2 con Mecánica Delgado.
La Tabla la sigue liderando Kiosco Nancy con 13 puntos, Super Gioino 11, Los Buluk´s y Mecánica Delgado 10, Fermat 6, Grosso Vacanze 5 y La Gloria y Devoto TV Cable cierran con 4 unidades.

La próxima Fecha se jugará el Miércoles venidero desde las 20:00 hs. en la Cancha Auxiliar con la siguiente programación: Grosso Vacanze-Los Buluk´s, Devoto TV Cable-Super Gioino, Mecánica Delgado-Fermat y Kiosco Nancy-La Gloria

En Senior se jugó la 9º y anteúltima Fecha de Torneo Clausura donde en el partido mas destacado de la tarde Industria Gráfica Vilosio se impuso por 3 a 2 a la Agrupación Verde y Blanca y le puso dramatismo a la definición del 2º Puesto en la Tabla de Posicoines, La Gloria y Carnicería Diaz igualaron en un entretenido partido 3 a 3 y Supermercado Jamar logró 3 puntos vitales al imponerse a Pottes Construcciones por la mínima diferencia.
Cuando resta disputarse una Fecha, La Gloria está al frente de la Tabla de Posiciones con 21 puntos, Industria Gráfica Vilosio y la Agrupación verde y Blanca lo escoltan con 15, Supermercado Jamar 11, Carnicería Diaz 7 y Pottes Construcciones 5.

El Miércoles se jugará desde las 20:30 hs. la 10ª y última Fecha con el siguiente programa de partidos: Carnicería Diaz-Supermercado Jamar, Industria Gráfica Vilosio-Pottes Construcciones y La Gloria-Agrupación Verde y Blanca.

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Kiosco Nancy Sigue Puntero e Invicto en Mayores

Jornada nocturna vivió este Jueves la Categoría Mayores con la disputa de la 5º Fecha de Torneo Clausura 

donde el Super Gioino se impuso por 2 a 0 a Fermat, Kiosco Nancy derrotó por 3 a 2 a Los Buluk´s, en un partido que dejo una gran cantidad de emociones, La Gloria no pudo con Mecánica Delgado que lo derrotó por 2 a 1 y en el cierre, Devoto TV Cable y Grosso Vacanze en un entretenido parido igualaron 1 a 1.

Con estos resultados la Tabla de Posiciones la lidera Kiosco Nancy con 13 puntos, lo escolta el Super Gioino con 8, Los Buluk´s y Mecánica Delgado suman 7, Grosso Vacanze y Fermat tienen 5, La Gloria 4 y cierra la Tabla Devoto TV Cable con 3 puntos.

Child Psychology and Nonsense

IN THIS AGE of child-psychology nobody pays any attention to the actual psychology of the child. All that seems to matter is the psychology of the psychologist and the particular theory or train of thought that he is maintaining against another psychologist. Most of the art and literature now magnificently manufactured for children is not even honestly meant to please children. The artist would hardly condescend to make a baby laugh if nobody else laughed, or even listened. These things are not meant to please the child. At best they are meant to please the child-lover. At the worst they are experiments in scientific educational method. Beautiful, wise, and witty lyrics like those of Stevenson’s “Child’s Garden of Verses” will always remain as a pure lively fountain of pleasure–for grown up people. But the point of many of them is not only such that a child could not see it, it is such that a child ought not to be allowed to see it—

The child that is not clean and neat,
With lots of toys and things to eat,
He is a naughty child, I’m sure,
Or else his dear papa is poor.

No child ought to understand the appalling abyss of that after-thought. No child could understand, without being a snob or a social reformer or something hideous, the irony of that illusion to the inequalities and iniquities with which this wicked world has insulted the sacred dignity of fatherhood. The child who could really smile at that line would be capable of sitting down immediately to write a Gissing novel, and then hanging himself on the nursery bed-post. But neither Stevenson or any Stevensonian (and I will claim to be a good Stevensonian) ever really dreamed of expecting a child to smile at the poem. It was the poet who smiled at the child, which is quite a different thing, though possibly quite as beautiful in its way. And that is the character of all this new nursery literature. It has the legitimate and even honourable object of educating the adult in the appreciation of babies. It is an excellent thing to teach men and women to take pleasure in children, but it is a totally different thing from giving children pleasure.

Now the old nursery rhymes were honestly directed to give children pleasure. Many of them have genuine elements of poetry, but they are not primarily meant to be poetry, because they are simply meant to be pleasure. In this sense “Hey Diddle Diddle” is something much more than an idyll. It is a masterpiece of psychology, a classic and perfect model of education. The lilt and jingle of it is exactly the sort that a baby can feel to be a tune and can turn into a dance. The imagery of it is exactly what is wanted for the first movements of imagination when it experiments in incongruity. For it is full of familiar objects in fantastic conjunction. The child has seen a cow and he has seen the moon. But the notion of the one jumping over the other is probably new to him and is, in the noblest word, nonsensical. Cats and dogs and dishes and spoons are all his daily companions and even his friends, but it gives him a sort of fresh surprise and happiness to think of their going on such a singular holiday. He would simply learn nothing at all from our attempts to find a fine shade of humour in the political economy of the poor papa, even if the poor papa were romantically occupied, not in jumping over the moon, but at least in shooting it.

Of course there is much more than this in “Hey Diddle Diddle.” The cow jumping over the moon is not only a fancy very suitable to children, it is a theme very worthy of poets. The lunar adventure may appear to some a lunatic adventure, but it is one round which the imagination of man has always revolved, especially the imagination of romantic figures like Ariosto, and Cyrano de Bergerac. The notion that cattle might fly has received sublime imaginative treatment. The winged bull not only walks, as if shaking the earth, amid the ruins of Assyrian sculpture, but even wheeled and flamed in heaven as the Apocalyptic symbol of St. Luke. That which combines imaginations so instinctive and ancient, in a single fancy so simple and so clear, is certainly not without the raw material of poetry. And the general idea, which is that of a sort of cosmic Saturnalia or season when anything may happen, is itself an idea that has haunted humanity in a hundred forms, some of them exquisitely artistic forms.

It would be easy to justify a vast number of the other nursery rhymes, in the same vein of a more serious art criticism. If I were asked to quote four lines which sufficed to illustrate what has been called the imaginative reason, when it rises almost to touch an unimaginative unreason (for that point of contact is poetry), I should be content to quote four lines that were in a picture book in my own nursery–

The man in the wilderness asked of me,
How many strawberries grow in the sea?
I answered him, as I thought good:
“As many red herrings as grow in the wood.”

Everything in that is poetical; from the dark unearthly figure of the man of the desert, with his mysterious riddles, to the perfect blend of logic and vision which makes beautiful pictures even in proving them impossible. But this artistic quality, though present, is not primary; the primary purpose is the amusement of children. And we are not amusing children; we are amusing ourselves with children.

Our fathers added a touch of beauty to all practical things, so they introduced fine fantastic figures and capering and dancing rhythms, which might be admired even by grown men, into what they primarily and practically designed to be enjoyed by children. But they did not always do this and they never thought mainly of doing it. What they always did was to make fun fitted for the young; and what they never did was turn it into irony only intelligible to the old. A nursery rhyme was like a nursery table or a nursery cupboard–a thing constructed for a particular human purpose. They saw their aim clearly and they achieved it. They wrote utter nonsense and took care to make it utterly nonsensical.

For there are two ways of dealing with nonsense in this world. One way is to put nonsense in the right place; as when people put nonsense into nursery rhymes. The other is to put nonsense in the wrong place; as when they put it into educational addresses, psychological criticisms, and complaints against nursery rhymes or other normal amusements of mankind.

~G.K. Chesterton: Illustrated London News, Oct. 15, 1921

Gold Leaves

Lo! I am come to autumn,
When all the leaves are gold;
Grey hairs and golden leaves cry out
The year and I are old.
In youth I sought the prince of men,
Captain in cosmic wars,
Our Titan, even the weeds would show
Defiant, to the stars.
But now a great thing in the street
Seems any human nod,
Where shift in strange democracy
The million masks of God.
In youth I sought the golden flower
Hidden in wood or wold,
But I am come to autumn,
When all the leaves are gold.

~G.K. Chesterton: The Wild Knight and Other Poems

Autumn, by Frederic Edwin Church.
Oil on canvas, 1875; Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid.

8 Equipos y Un Solo Objetivo : El Título de Menores

Con nuevos horarios y entrando en la zona de Definiciones en Menores y Senior, se jugó este Sábado la 24º Jornada de la Liga Amateur de Fútbol en la que se marcaron 37 Goles, se mostraron 16 Tarjetas Amarillas y 1 Tarjeta Roja. 

En Menores se jugó la 11º Fecha donde se definian los Cruces de la siguiente instancia y que comenzó con la victoria de Escapes San Cayetano sobre Electricidad Juarez por 4 a 2, afuera "Los Eléctricos", Gomería Braian, que ya estaba afuera perdió 3 a 1 con Ferretería AM, que "sentenciaron" sus Jugadores "ahora van por todo", Los Furlanes en un disputado partido le ganó 2 a 1 a 100% Deportivo, Sociedad Cosmopolita y Panadería La Flor igualaron 2 a 2 y en el cierre con todo ya definido, Centro Vecinal Noroeste le ganó 4 a 0 a Pollería ADN, otro que ya se había despedido del Torneo hace rato, libre en la última Fecha quedó el Lider de la Tabla de Posiciones, Lerin Performance. 
El próximo fin de semana se jugarán los Cruces de Cuartos de Final en donde se enfrentarán: Los Furlanes-100% Deportivo, Escapes San Cayetano-CVNO, Sociedad Cosmopolita-Ferretería AM y Lerin Performance-Panadería La Flor, los Equipos mencionados en primer término tienen ventaja deportiva, completan la Fecha por la Ronda Consuleo Electricidad Juarez-Gomería Braian, libre estará Pollería ADN. 

En Mayores, por la 4º Fecha del Clausura, Super Gioino y Grosso Vacanze empataron sin goles, Los Buluk´s se impusieron a Mecánica Delgado por 2 a 1, Kiosco Nancy, por ahora imparable, derrotó por 2 a 1 a Fermat y La Gloria pudo sumar de a 3 al ganarle a Devoto TV Cable por 3 a 0. Kiosco Nancy es el único puntero con 10 unidades, lo escolta Los Buluk´s con 7, Fermat, Super Gioino y Grosso Vacanze acumulan 5 puntos, La Gloria y Mecánica Delgado 4 y cierra con 2 puntos el defensor del Título, Devoto TV Cable con 2 unidades. 
El próximo Miércoles a partir de las 20:00 hs. se disputará la 5º Fecha con el siguiente progama de partidos: Super Gioino-Fermat, Kiosco Nancy-Los Buluk´s, La Gloria-Mecánica Delgado y Devoto TV Cable-Grosso Vacanze. 

En Senior, se jugó la 8º Fecha del Clausura donde igualaron Industria Gráfica Vilosio y Carnicería Diaz 1 a 1, La Gloria y Supermercado Jamar también empataron con idéntico resultado y en el cierre Pottes Construcciones cayó con la Agrupación Verde y Blanca por 3 a 0. La Gloria es el puntero con 20 puntos, la AVB lo sigue con 15, Industria Gráfica Vilosio suma 12, Supermercado Jamar 8, Carnicería Diaz 6 y Pottes Construcciones tiene 5 puntos.
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Chicken chilly roast

Chicken Chilly Roast 3

Ingredients(Serves 10 - 12):

Chicken                    –- 2 kg
Turmeric powder -– ½ tsp
Chilly powder        -– 1 ½ tsp
Black Pepper powder -– 2 tsp
Pearl onions           -– 10 - 15
Green chilies          -– 6 - 8, depending upon how spicy they are.
Ginger                       -– 1 inch piece
Garlic                        -– 8 - 10 cloves
Onion                        –- 2 cups, thinly sliced
Tomato                    –- 3 cups, chopped
Curry leaves          –- 1 sprig
Chilly Sauce           -- 2 - 3 tbsp
Soy sauce               –- 2 - 3 tbsp
Coriander leaves -– ¼ cup + 2 tbsp, for garnishing
Oil                              -–  3 tbsp or as required
Salt                            –-  As required

Chicken Chilly Roast 1


Clean and cut the chicken in to medium size pieces. Marinate it with turmeric powder, chilly powder, black pepper and salt. Keep is aside for 2 - 3 hours or refrigerate if leaving it for more time.

Heat oil in a heavy-bottomed pan at medium heat. Add the thinly sliced onion and fry until brown. Drain and keep aside.

Add the marinated chicken pieces and fry them until golden brown. You might want to do this in batches. Drain and keep aside.

Meanwhile crush the pearl onions, ginger, garlic and the green chillies.

Once the chicken is fried, add the crushed mixture, few curry leaves and saute until the mixture turns light brown. Add the chopped  tomatoes and saute until they are really mushy.

Now add the fried chicken pieces. Mix well and add the chilly sauce and soy sauce. Mix well and then add the fried onions and ¼ cup chopped coriander leaves.

Mix well and leave for couple of minutes.

Serve with any kind of bread / rice.

Chicken Chilly Roast 2

Recipe Courtesy:  Lekshmi Nair – TV show

Kiosco Nancy es el Único Puntero en Mayores

Se jugó este Miércoles en horario nocturno la 23º Jornada de la Temporada de la Liga Amateur de Fútbol con la disputa de la 3º Fecha del Torneo Clausura de Mayores donde en el comienzo de la Jornada Kiosco Nancy goleó por 5 a 2 a Mecánica Delgado, Fermat y Grosso Vacanze igualaron 1 a 1, Los Buluk´s, que lograron su primera victoria en el Torneo, golearon a Devoto TV Cable por 4 a 1 y en el cierre, en un entretenido partido, Super Gioino que lo perdía 2 a 0, lo dio vuelta y lo termino ganando por 3 a 2 frente a La Gloria.

Con estos resultados la Tabla de Posiciones la lidera Kiosco Nancy con 7 puntos, Fermat suma 5, Los Buluk´s, Super Gioino, Grosso Vacanze y Mecánica Delgado suman 4, Devoto TV Cable 2 y La Gloria cierra en el fondo de la Tabla con tan solo 1 unidad. 

El próximo Sábado continuará el Torneo en sus tres Categorías y con nuevo horario, el motivo obedece a las altas temperaturas que se vienen registrando, la Jornada se dividirá en 3 Canchas y los partidos comenzarán a las 15:30 hs.

"Seriousness is not a virtue"

"In the old Christian pictures the sky over every figure is like a blue or gold parachute. Every figure seems ready to fly up and float about in the heavens. The tattered cloak of the beggar will bear him up like the rayed plumes of the angels. But the kings in their heavy gold and the proud in their robes of purple will all of their nature sink downwards, for pride cannot rise to levity or levitation. Pride is the downward drag of all things into an easy solemnity. One "settles down" into a sort of selfish seriousness; but one has to rise to a gay self-forgetfulness. A man "falls" into a brown study; he reaches up at a blue sky. Seriousness is not a virtue. It would be a heresy, but a much more sensible heresy, to say that seriousness is a vice. It is really a natural trend or lapse into taking one's self gravely, because it is the easiest thing to do. It is much easier to write a good TIMES leading article than a good joke in PUNCH. For solemnity flows out of men naturally; but laughter is a leap. It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light. Satan fell by the force of gravity."

~G.K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy, Chap. VII─The Eternal Revolution.

Los Menores Entraron en la Recta Final de la Fase Regular

Pasó la 22º Jornada de la Liga Amateur de Fútbol donde en una tarde con clima de Verano se marcaron 33 Goles, se mostraron 35 Tarjetas Amarillas y 3 Tarjetas Rojas. 

En Menores por la 10ª y anteúltima Fecha de la Fase Regular del Torneo de Invierno, Electricidad Juarez erdió muchas de sus posibilidades de acceder a los Cuartos de Final al caer derrotado ante el "resucitado" Equipo de Ferretería AM por 4 a 2, Escapes San Cayetano no pudo mantener su nivel ascendente y cayó por 3 a 1 ante 100% Deportivo, Gomería Braian ya eliminado del Torneo igualó en 2 goles con Panadería La Flor, Los Furlanes le ganaron, a otro que ya no soñara con el Título, Pollería ADN, por 2 a 0 y en el cierre Sociedad Cosmopolita se dio dos gustos, le saco el invicto a Lerin Performance al que derrotó por 1 a 0 y se aseguró la Segunda ubicación en la Tabla de Posiciones, libre en esta Fecha estuvo el Centro Vecinal Noroeste
Con los resultados registrados este Sábado, Lerin Performance marcha en la punta del Torneo con 25 unidades, Sociedad Cosmopolita le sigue con 19, Escapes San Cayetano 16, 100% Deportivo y Los Furlanes suman 15, Panadería La Flor 11, hasta aqui los 6 clasificados, luego se ubican el Centro Vecinal Noroeste con 11, Ferretería AM 10 y Electricidad Juarez con 8, de estos Equipos 2 clasificarán a la siguiente instancia y cierran ya eliminados del Torneo Gomería Braian con 5 y Pollería ADN con 3.

En Mayores se disputó la 2º Fecha del Torneo Clausura donde Fermat y La Gloria igualaron 1 a 1, Kiosco Nancy se impuso por 3 a 1 a Grosso Vacanze, Mecánica Delgado igualó sin goles con Devoto TV Cable y Los Buluk´s y el Super Gioino también empataron aunque en 1 gol por bando.

El próximo Martes en horario nocturno se disputará la 3º Fecha con el siguiente programa de partidos Kiosco Nancy-Mecánica Delgado, Fermat-Grosso Vacanze, Los Buluk´s-Devoto TV Cable y Super Gioino-La Gloria

En Senior se jugó la 7º Fecha del Torneo Clausura que comenzó con la victoria de La Gloria sobre Pottes Construcciones por 4 a 1, la Agrupación Verde y Blanca hizo lo propio con Carnicería Diaz por la mínima diferencia y Supermercado Jamar cayó por 2 a 0 ante Industria Gráfica Vilosio.
La Gloria es el lider con 19 puntos, le sigue la Agrupación Verde y Blanca con 12, Industria Gráfica Vilosio 11, Supermercado Jamar 7 y cerrando la Tabla de Posiciones se ubican Pottes Construcciones y Carniceria Diaz con 5 unidades.

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"The Catholic Saint will remain"

"WHO talked of such folly?" asked MacIan disdainfully. "Do you suppose that the Catholic Church ever held that Christians were the only good men? Why, the Catholics of the Catholic Middle Ages talked about the virtues of all the virtuous Pagans until humanity was sick of the subject. No, if you really want to know what we mean when we say that Christianity has a special power of virtue, I will tell you. The Church is the only thing on earth that can perpetuate a type of virtue and make it something more than a fashion. The thing is so plain and historical that I hardly think you will ever deny it. You cannot deny that it is perfectly possible that tomorrow morning, in Ireland or in Italy, there might appear a man not only as good but good in exactly the same way as St. Francis of Assisi. Very well, now take the other types of human virtue; many of them splendid. The English gentleman of Elizabeth was chivalrous and idealistic. But can you stand still here in this meadow and be an English gentleman of Elizabeth? The austere republican of the eighteenth century, with his stern patriotism and his simple life, was a fine fellow. But have you ever seen him? have you ever seen an austere republican? Only a hundred years have passed and that volcano of revolutionary truth and valour is as cold as the mountains of the moon. And so it is and so it will be with the ethics which are buzzing down Fleet Street at this instant as I speak. What phrase would inspire the London clerk or workman just now? Perhaps that he is a son of the British Empire on which the sun never sets; perhaps that he is a prop of his Trades Union, or a class-conscious proletarian something or other; perhaps merely that he is a gentleman when he obviously is not. Those names and notions are all honourable; but how long will they last? Empires break; industrial conditions change; the suburbs will not last for ever. What will remain? I will tell you. The Catholic Saint will remain."

~G.K. Chesterton: The Ball and the Cross.

"Man is an exception"

"THE real difficulty which confronts everybody, and which especially confronts doctors, is that the extraordinary position of man in the physical universe makes it practically impossible to treat him in either one direction or the other in a purely physical way. Man is an exception, whatever else he is. If he is not the image of God, then he is a disease of the dust. If it is not true that a divine being fell, then we can only say that one of the animals went entirely off its head. In neither case can we really argue very much from the body of man simply considered as the body of an innocent and healthy animal. His body has got too much mixed up with his soul, as we see in the supreme instance of sex. It may be worth while uttering the warning to wealthy philanthropists and idealists that this argument from the animal should not be thoughtlessly used, even against the atrocious evils of excess; it is an argument that proves too little or too much."

~G.K. Chesterton: All Things Considered.
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