Paneer Biriyani

Paneer Biriyani 1


Basmati Rice - 1 ½ Cup

Ghee                - 4 tbsp
Paneer            - 400gms
Onion              - 1 medium / 1½ cups thinly sliced.
Ginger             - ½ inch
Garlic               - 6 Cloves
Green chilly  - 3
Turmeric        - ¼ tsp
Red chilly powder - ¾ tsp
Mint leaves    - ¼ cup finely chopped
Coriander leaves - ¼ cup finely chopped
Tomato            - 1 Small / 1 cup chopped
Salt                    - as required

Bay leaf            - 2 small
Cinnamon       - ½ inch stick
Clove                - 2
Pepper corns - 1 tsp

Cashews           - 10
Onion                - ¼ cup, thinly sliced, for garnishing

To grind:
Cinnamon        - ½ inch stick
Cardamom      - 2
Clove                 - 3
Coriander seeds - 2 tsp
Pepper corns - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds   - ½ tsp
Fennel seeds  - ½ tsp

Paneer Biriyani 3


First wash and soak the rice for 20 - 30 mins.

Heat a pan with a tbsp of ghee and saute the paneer cubes in medium flame until they turn golden. Turn off the flame and keep aside until use.

In the remaining oil, fry the cashews and the onions one after the other until they turn golden brown.

In the same pan add the whole spices "To grind" and roast until the aroma comes out. Let it cool and grind into a fine powder.

Crush the garlic, ginger and green chillies using a mortal and pestle. Keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottomed pan with remaining ghee, add the whole spices for the masala and saute for a minute. Add the onions and crushed ginger, garlic, chillies. Saute until the onion turns translucent.

Now add the mint and coriander leaves and start sautéing until the onions turns golden. Add the tomato, salt and saute until the tomato turns mushy. Follow it by turmeric, chilly powder and saute in medium - low flame until the oil appears on the sides.

Now add 3 cups of water and let it boil. Drain the rice and add it to the masala, followed by the ground masala and the paneer cubes. Gently mix and cook on medium - low flame until done(Usually it takes 8-10 minutes).

Give a gentle mix without breaking the rice.

Garnish with fried cashews and onions. Serve hot with raita and pappadam.

Paneer Biriyani 2

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