Bengali Egg Curry


Ingredients(Serves 5 -6):

Eggs - 6
Large potato - 1
Oil - 4 tbsp
Onion - 2 cup, chopped
Tomatoes - 1 cup, chopped

Fenugreek - ¼ tsp
Nigella seeds (kalonji) - ¼ tsp
Mustard seeds - ¼ tsp
Fennel seeds - ¼ tsp
Cumin seeds - ¼ tsp

Ginger  - 2 tsp, minced
Garlic - 1 tsp, minced
Green chillies - 4  - 5

Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Kashmiri chilli powder - ½ tsp
Garam masala - ¼ tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

Bengali Egg Curry 1


Boil and peel the eggs. Make small slits on the eggs and marinate with bit of turmeric powder, salt and a little chilly powder on this and keep aside.

Grind the Fenugreek, kalonji, mustard seeds, fennel seeds and the cumin seeds to a fine powder. Keep aside. This is called as Paanch-phoron.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the marinated eggs until the eggs start crinkling. Drain and keep aside.

Fry the potatoes in the same oil till they take on a light golden colour. Remove and keep aside.

In the same oil, add the chopped onion until it turns golden brown. Add the tomatoes and saute until mushy. Let this cool and grind to a smooth paste.

Bengali Egg Curry

Put the paanch-phoron masala into the remaining oil and when it gives off an aroma, add the onion paste and fry for a minute. Add the minced ginger, garlic, and slit green chillies and a little salt and fry this masala on medium heat, until you see the oil separating from it.

Add the cumin powder, turmeric and Kashmiri chilly powder. Sprinkle a little water and keep frying the masala on low to medium heat until the raw smell of the spices goes off and the masala turns deep red in colour.

Make sure that you don't burn the masala. Sprinkle water if required while sautéing the masala. Add the potatoes and stir to coat them well with the masala. Add a cup of warm water and let it come to a boil. bring down the flame and let the potatoes cook. Once done, add the eggs, sugar and garam masala.

Bengali Egg Curry 3

Let the gravy simmer for few more minutes. Serve hot with rice or roti.

Recipe Courtesy: Diverse Kitchen

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