Thank you, Ruder Finn!

I'm leaving Ruder Finn because I need time off.

For a few months before deciding I was convinced I didn't know what I wanted to do next, but it turns out I do.

What I want is to sit at my dining room table with a cup of coffee on a Tuesday morning without feeling like I need to treat it like a shooter.

I want to move through a day that isn't overbooked to saunter and make space for serendipity.

I want to stay up late writing without worrying that I need to be at work early the next day.

I want to see what it's like to not have to enter a time sheet.

I want to loiter. Not forever. Just for a little while.

My last day at Ruder Finn will be January 4th.

I am so very satisfied with the last three years. I woke up one day working alone on a laptop out of my apartment; now Ruder Finn has a team in San Francisco that is level-headed, intelligent, hungry and inspiring. I love them so much.

Maybe we'll FaceTime every morning while I sip my coffee.

The people who work at Ruder Finn are first rate. While my dad was sick and I tried to both be there for him and run an office, I heard nothing but "you do what you need to do". Feeling torn is a terrible thing and I never did. What a gift.

While my systems get refreshed I will write. And do yoga. And do executive coaching: media and presentation training, assisting people in articulating what they want to say about themselves, their companies, their vision, their brand.

If you know anyone who needs media coaching or presentation training, reach out. (If you don't, reach out anyway.)

Of course leaving my job with no concrete plans is scary.  Leaving a perfectly good company to loaf, to dabble, to fritter my mornings away can be considered crazy.

But I know what I would tell you if you were in the same situation and came to me for advice.

Honey. It would be crazy not to.

Twitter: @DushkaAmateur