2015 Chicago Blackhawks Nail Art

It's been a long while (more than two years, gasp!) since I celebrated my favorite hockey team on my nails. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs underway and my dear Blackhawks playing their first game of Round 2 tonight, this seemed like the perfect time to revisit some good ol' sports fan nails once again.

This look was pretty straightforwardly inspired by the Blackhawks' home jerseys, which look like this. I probably could have freehanded parts of it in a fraction of the time with decent results, but I really wanted all the stripes to look as clean and crisp as possible, so I reached for my striping tape and got to work. So... much... taping!

The really fun thing about this manicure is that I got to use my official NHL Chrome Girl polish. My husband gave me the Blackhawks set for Christmas, which came with Along the Redline (red), Drop It! (black), and Crash the Net (green; not used in this look). These are Pantone matches to the actual team colors, which makes the whole thing that much more exciting, in my opinion. So official!

I started with a base of Along the Redline on all my nails. When that was dry, I taped off my nails one by one and added the white, Zoya Purity. (I was actually really impressed that it covered so well over that vibrant red, too.) When that was dry, I taped off everything once again and added Drop It! with a striping brush, using the tape as a guide. Finally, after some HK Girl top coat (which did smear the black a little, grrr... very unusual for HK Girl), I added some Blackhawks logo decals that I purchased on Etsy a few years ago and covered those with top coat as well.

I have lots of cute little Blackhawks items scattered around my house, but I couldn't resist taking a photo with this particular little OYO minifig. As you can see, that red really is a perfect match!

Thanks for looking, and of course: GO HAWKS!