Are you ready?

The first time we ever touched was to arm wrestle. His hand clasped over mine and I exerted all possible effort to at least get him to budge. Nothing. After a few attempts I looked up at him, worn out.
"Just let me know" he said "when you're ready to start".

Quinoa Pulao

Quinoa Pulav 3


Quinoa                                  --   1 cup, uncooked
Water                                    --   2 cups, to cook quinoa
Cumin Seeds                      --   1 tsp
Onion                                    --   ½ cup finely chopped
Garlic                                    --   2 tsp, crushed
Ginger                                   --   1 tsp crushed
Any vegetables of your choice --    1 cup, chopped into bite size pieces. I used frozen mixed vegetables
Red Pepper                         --   ¼ cup chopped
Garam masala                    --   ½ tsp
Kashmiri Chilly Powder --   ½ tsp. optional
Eggs                                        --   2 , optional
Oil                                            --   2 tbsp
Salt                                          --   as required
Coriander leaves               --   to garnish

Quinoa Pulav 1


Rinse the quinoa thoroughly for 4 - 5 minutes under running water. In a sauce pan, let the water boil. Add required amount of salt. Add the quinoa and let it come to a boil. Reduce the flame to medium low and cook covered until done - the water will be completely absorbed. Fluff it with a fork and set aside.

Heat oil in a wide pan. Add the cumin seeds and let it splutter.Add the chopped onions and crushed ginger and garlic. Saute until the onions are golden brown. Add the chilly powder, if using and saute until the raw smell goes off. Add the chopped vegetables and fry until they are cooked.

If using eggs, beat them with salt.Move the veggies to the side of the pan and pour in the beaten eggs. Scramble it and then mix with the veggies. Sprinkle the garam masala.

Add the cooked quinoa and mix well. Let it remain on the stove for couple of minutes and then switch off. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Quinoa Pulav 2


"Awww, thank you! That's a perfect heart!" I tell the barista. "I don't even want to touch it!"

"It was made to be destroyed" he replies, impassive. "What else is a heart good for?"


I can't sleep. I'm tossing and turning and Boyfriend gets up, walks around the bed and covers me with my ultra soft blanket.
Me: Thanks, but I'm not cold.
Him: I know. But you're really into texture so it might help soothe you.
Me: OK. But I've had issues sleeping for decades and there is no correlation between the - zzzzz
Boyfriend. Insomnia whisperer.


I know that my dreams are related to my own subconscious and yet when I dream of someone it feels like I'm holding a fragment of a story they need to piece together and I have to let them know.

Sorpresas y Muchas Emociones en las 3 Categorías

Tarde en la que se marcaron 53 goles, con resultados sorpresivos y con muchas emociones se vivieron este Sábado en otra jornada mas del Fútbol Amateur.

En Menores, 100% Deportivo lo ganaba 2 a 0 y cómodo, se durmió se lo empato Escapes San Cayetano, volvió a pasar al frente y lo terminó perdiendo 4 a 3, Olara Lubricentro le cortó las alas a  Panadería La Flor que estaba volando muy alto y lo derrotó con total justicia 3 a 0, Centro Vecinal Noroeste perdia 2 a 0, estaba para el cachetazo hasta que le tiro toda la historia a un Sociedad Cosmopolita que no lo pudo ni lo supo aguantar y al que terminó ganándole 4 a 2, PK2 preso de sus errores cayó ante Los Furlanes 3 a 2 y en el cierre Lerin Performance........ que decir, cayó goleado 4 a 1 ante Gomería Braian.
Con estos resultados el CVNO es el único lider con 11, Los Furlanes los únicos escoltas con 10 y mas atrás se ubica Olara Lubricento con 8.

En Mayores, Panadería Delicias cayó 1 a 0 ante Los Buluk´s, Kiosco Nancy perdió 2 a 0 con Fermat, Super Gioino fue goleado 5 a 1 por Grosso Vacanze y en el partido de los mas necesitados, Mecánica Delgado goleó 6 a 0 a Kiosco El Tincho.
Grosso Vacanze es el único puntero con 12 unidades seguido con 1 unidad menos por Fermat y por 2 menos de Los Buluk´s.

Por su parte en Senior, Industria Gráfica Vilosio no pudo sostener la ventaja de 2 goles y termino empatando con Atilra,  Carnicería Diaz le ganó a La Gloria 2 a 0 y Supermercado Giro fue goleado 6 a 0 por la Agrupación Verde y Blanca.
Precisamente este Equipo es el puntero con 13 unidades, escoltado ahora por Carnicería Diaz con 9 puntos.


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Boyfriend: I'm making meatloaf.
Me: I don't like meatloaf.
Boyfriend: I'll also make an aioli. 
Me: I don't like mayo.
Boyfriend places a plate in front of me with a thick slice of meatloaf studded with pine nuts, dried apricots, chopped olives and vegetables; it's drizzled in a home made, warm, spicy aioli. I taste a little piece, then another, then devour it. 
Boyfriend. Girlfriend expert.

Delightful Daisies Nail Art

It must really be spring for real, now: I'm fixated on floral patterns!

I'm still trying to do less stamping for a little while, just in the spirit of branching out, so it was time to test my freehand floral skills again when I wanted some springtime daisies on my nails. They're definitely far from perfect, but I still enjoyed wearing them. Real-life daisies aren't perfect anyway, right? Right!

This incredibly bright and cheery pink base color is OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian—so, SO bright! The pictures hardly do it justice. I think it would be really striking against just about any skin tone. The white of the daisies & dots is white acrylic paint applied with a small brush and a dotting tool, respectively, and the yellow center are, appropriately enough, Zoya Daisy. (Its's like it was meant to be.)

I obviously took a super carefree and unplanned approach to painting my daisy petals, but if I did a design like this again, I would probably be a bit more deliberate about it by starting with an asterisk shape and then filling in additional petals uniformly.

If you look really closely, you can see the subtle shimmer of the yellow, Daisy; I like that extra little bit of texture it adds to the design.

Now that I've done the easiest and most obvious type of flower, I'm starting to ask myself: what kind of flower should I try next??

Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were provided by companies or their PR representatives for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


Despite the importance of living in the present I adore anticipation.
Boyfriend just pointed out the correlation between anticipation and anxiety, both related to too much future.

Boyfriend = closet linguist.

Empty bus

While I often wish for a vacant seat, a completely empty bus gives me the sense of having missed the worldwide notification about the apocalypse.


It mystifies me that we can remove flight and flutter, movement and magic - even life force - and still be left holding this much beauty.

Something wonderful

Woman on bus: is this the 12?
Me: yes.
Her: are you sure?
Me: yes.
Her: but we are not going where we are supposed to!
Me: this is where we turn right.
Her: No! Look! We're nowhere near Folsom!
Me: It will be OK.
The bus has indeed diverted from its route. A year ago my reaction would have been like hers. Now I yawn and go back to my article.

Something wonderful is happening to me.

Be careful

I try to stop I don't want to say it but I can't help myself I tell my brother be careful be careful and he looks exasperated do you think I want to get hurt that if you say nothing I won't be I love you I blurt what it really means is I love you and now I've made him even more uncomfortable 
Neither of us know what to do with me

Black & Silver Spotty Stamping

I set out recently to find a blue polish that matched a specific shirt I have, and when I saw Butter London Giddy Kipper, I knew immediately that it was the perfect choice.

I adore this color! I'm not sure how I didn't already have a blue like it, but I'm going to be wearing it a lot, I can tell already (especially since I have a shirt that matches). I wanted to add a little nail art this time around, so I went with some chic and fairly low-key stamping to pull the look together.

To get the two-toned print, I just painted the two colors—Super Black Murdered Out and Zoya Trixie—on the stamping plate side by side and scraped them off carefully to keep the line as straight as possible. The design is from one of my favorite plates, MoYou London Pro XL 04.

The shimmer in Giddy Kipper is very subtle, but you can see a tiny bit of it in this close shot. So pretty! And of course I used my trusty liquid latex around my nails to keep the excess silver & black from the stamping off my nails for a quick and painless cleanup.

Everything is topped with the always amazing Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

Thanks for looking!

Calor, Goles y Muchas Emociones

Con alta temperatura que superó los 30º se disputó este sábado la 4º Jornada del Fútbol Amateur en sus tres Categorías.

En Menores, 100% Deportivo se trepó al lote de escoltas que tiene el CVNO, al imponerse por 2 a 1 a un desconocido Lerin Performance que en las últimas fechas parece haber perdido la brújula, Los Furlanes, que siguen soñando, le ganaron cómodamente 3 a 0 a Gomería Braian y también están en el 2º lugar, en un partido arduamente disputado Olara Lubricentro y el Centro Vecinal Noroeste no se sacaron ventajas y terminaron con el marcador en blanco.
PK2 frenó el andar de Panadería La Flor con quien igualó 1 a 1 y  Escapes San Cayetano y  Sociedad Cosmopolita amagaron para muchos goles y se quedaron en 1 gol por bando.
CVNO manda en la Tabla, Panadería la Flor, 100% y Los Furlanes lo escoltan con 1 unidad menos, por ahora Gomería Braian y Escapes San Cayetano se quedan afuera de los Cuartos.

En Mayores, en el duelo de los Kioscos, Nancy fue muy superior y le ganó al Tincho 4 a 1, Los Buluk´s golearon a un desconocido e irresoluto Grosso Vacanze por 5 a 0, Panadería Delicias y Fermat igualaron 1 a 1 y en el cierre también hubo igualdad en 2 entre el Super Gioino y Mecánica Delgado. 
Grosso Vacanze pese a la derrota de este Sábado sigue siendo el único Lider, aunque ahora lo sigue a 1 punto Fermat y 2 mas atrás están Los Buluk´s, Panadería Delicias y Kiosco Nancy, en el fondo de la Tabla, Kiosco El Tincho sigue invicto, todavía no sumo ninguna unidad. 

En Senior y en el duelo por la punta de la Tabla, la Agrupación Verde y Blanca le ganó por la mínima diferencia a La Gloria, Industria Gráfica Vilosio perdió también por la mínima diferencia ante Supermercado Giro y Carnicería Diaz le ganó 2 a 1 a Atilra.
La AVB se escapa en la Tabla con 10 unidades, La Gloria es su único escolta con 3 unidades menos y luego se alinean Carnicería Diaz con 6 y Giro con 5, por ahora y a 1 fecha de finalizar la 1º Rueda IGV con 2 y Atilra con 1 unidad no clasifican a semifinales.


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Nordic Oracle

Boyfriend and I were at Burning Man and a guy walked up and asked if we'd be a Nordic Oracle. He guided us inside a tent where we hid behind a mask people consulted.
Person 1: Nordic Oracle, why did I come to Burning Man?
Me: To reclaim wonder.
Person 2: Should I leave everything and go to NY to become an artist?
Boyfriend: You can become an artist anywhere.
Person 3: Will Joe be happy without me?
Me: before, during and after you Joe's happiness related only to Joe.
So yes. There was a time Boyfriend and I, coated in dust, roamed the desert channeling a Nordic Oracle.

My word.

About two years ago walking around San Francisco I saw a woman sitting at a desk in front of an old typewriter.
A sign next to her on the sidewalk read “A word = two dollars”.
I sat down.
She looked at me.
Her: How can I help you?
Me: I’d like a word.
Her: OK. Tell me about yourself.
Me: Everything is changing nothing is in its place I know what’s right but I’m scared sometimes I want a word to remind me of that place that’s mine where I belong where I will always be safe I love words I can carry it with me I don’t know what else to say.

She takes a piece of paper, inserts it into the typewriter, types something, pulls it out and hands it to me. I pay her and leave.
A few blocks away I open it.


Playful Pink Floral Nail Art

I'm still here! Illness, work, and some other things have really been kicking my butt lately and eating up my blogging time, but I swear I'm still here. I have had a chance to do a bit of nail art, though, so that's something, right?

Today I have some freehand floral nails to share with you. I haven't done a great many floral patterns in my time as a nail blogger: not because I don't like them, but because I just don't have a lot of confidence that I can execute them well. I recently dug up some inspirational images that I'd saved, though, so I finally decided to take a shot at recreating one of them.

This pattern was heavily (like... almost exactly) inspired by this Shutterstock floral background. I just really loved the playfulness and casual-yet-pretty look of it. I went with a much less yellow base color, because yellow and I aren't friends, but other than that, I tried to be pretty faithful with my recreation.

Everything here is done with polish, even though I probably should have used acrylic paint for the brown to get finer control with my lines. Here's the full list:

I also painted (and photographed) my right hand! And strangely enough, I almost like the design on it better in some ways, even though it was done with my non-dominant hand. Go figure...

Even though florals and brown tones aren't my usual style, I'm really happy with how this turned out. I even had a better experience with My Vampire is Buff this time (I didn't care for it when I first tried it), so, yay! Maybe I'm just a better polisher now?

Thanks for looking!

39 Goles y 7 Expulsados en la Tarde del Sábado

Se disputó integramente este Sábado la 3º Fecha del Torneo Amateur de Fútbol en sus tres Categorías, en Menores la jornada comenzó con la victoria de Gomería Braian, que logro su primer triunfo de la temporada sobre Escapes San Cayetano por 3 a 0, Lerin Performance que parece haberse desinflado igualó con el marcador en blanco ante Los Furlanes, Sociedad Cosmopolita cayó goleado 4 a 1 con el sorprendente Panadería La Flor que con este resultado se trepó al 2º lugar de la Tabla de Posiciones, Centro Vecinal Noroeste, que sigue solitario en la punta, igualó 0 a 0 con 100% Deportivo y en el cierre PK2 y Olara Lubricentro empataron 1 a 1. 

En Mayores, Los Buluk´s le ganaron 4 a 3 a Mecánica Delgado, Fermat no se apiadó de Kiosco El Tincho y lo goleó 7 a 0 y es el único escolta.
En el duelo de punteros, Grosso Vacanze le ganó 4 a 2 a Panadería Delicias y en el ocaso de la tarde, Kiosco Nancy, en la última jugada del partido, le empató al Super Gioino 1 a 1. 

En Senior, La Gloria se impuso a Atilra por 4 a 0, Industria Gráfica Vilosio cayó por la mínima diferencia ante la Agrupación Verde y Blanca y en el cierre, Carnicería Diaz y Supermercado Giro igualaron 1 a 1.


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Kappa biriyani / Beef & tapioca biriyani

Kappa Biriyani 5
Ingredients(Serves 5 - 6):
Tapioca / Yuca      --   1 kg
Beef                             --   1 kg
Vinegar                     --   2 tbsp
Onion                          --   2 large, approximately 5 - 6 cups, chopped
Ginger                         --   1½ inch
Garlic                          --   8 - 10 cloves
Turmeric powder   --   1 tsp
Chilly powder          --   4 tsp
Coriander powder  --   4 tsp
Garam masala powder --   1 tsp
Black Pepper powder --   1 tsp
Shredded Coconut  --   2 cup
Shallots                        --   5 - 6
Mustard seeds          --   ½ tsp
Dry red chilies          --   2, broken
Curry leaves              --   1 sprig
Salt                                --   To taste
Oil                                  --   1 - 2 tbsp, preferably coconut oil
  Kappa Biriyani 4
Clean and cut the beef into medium size pieces.
In a big pressure cooker, add the beef, vinegar, sliced onions, crushed ginger and garlic,½ tsp turmeric powder, 3 tsp chilly powder, 3 tsp coriander powder, garam masala, black pepper powder and salt. Mix well and keep aside for 15 mins. Cook for 2 - 3 whistles until the beef is done.
Skin off, clean and cut the tapioca into medium size pieces. Boil water(around 2 quart) in a large vessel. Add required amount of salt and ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Add the tapioca and let it cook on a medium flame. Once cooked, drain the excess water, slightly mash it and keep aside.
         Kappa Biriyani 1             Kappa Biriyani 2
In another pan, add the shredded coconut and the remaining chilly powder and coriander powder. Fry until the coconut turns golden brown. Let it cool and grind into a fine paste.
Mix the mashed tapioca to the cooked beef and mix well. Add the ground coconut paste and mix.
Kappa Biriyani 3
Heat oil in a small pan. Splutter mustard seeds and add the chopped thinly sliced shallots and curry leaves. Pour over the prepared curry and mix well.
Garnish with chopped onions or you can also reserve 2 tbsp of fried coconut to garnish.
Kappa Biriyani 6
Serve hot.
Recipe Courtesy: Bincy Sathish from Dhwani
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