Mango Mousse Cake

This one was a real hit and I never had expected it to be. That forced me to have it here now. I did not actually plan this to take a place here and hence hadn't clicked any step-by-step pics. Now that I am sure to have this prepared many more times, I will definitely update this post with more pics.
Mango Mousse Cake 1
Genoise Recipe:
All purpose flour --   1 cup
Baking powder      --   2 tsp
Salt                             --   ½ tsp 
Eggs                           --   6
Sugar                         --   1 cup
Vanilla                      --   1½ tsp 
Milk                           --   1/3 cup
Butter                       --   3 tbsp
I halved the above recipe for the mango mousse cake.
Line the 8" cake tin with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 350F.
Sift the flour, baking powder and salt 2 - 3 times. Keep aside. Melt the butter and add it in the milk and keep aside.
Separate the egg yolks and the whites.
Beat the egg white at a high speed until foamy. Gradually add sugar, few tbsp at a time. Continue to beat until the egg whites form a peak stage. Add the yolks, one at a time and beat until the mixture falls like a ribbon.
Add the vanilla and mix well.
Divide the flour mixture into 3 and add a portion at a time into the egg mixture using minimun speed or you can also fold using your spatula. Mix until just combined.
Scoop 2 -3 tbsp of the batter into the milk mixture and mix well. Add this back to the batter and gently fold to mix.
Pour the batter into the prepared tin and bake for 25-30 minutes until the top springs back when touched.
Cool on a wire rack for 5-10 minutes. Invert the cake onto a wire rack and let it cool completely.
Mango Mousse Cake 4
Mango mousse:

Heavy whipping cream --     2 cups
Powdered Gelatin            --   3 tsp
Cold water                          --   5 tbsp
Mango puree                     --   2 cups
Powdered sugar               --   ½ cup , adjust according to the sweetness / sourness of the puree

Sugar Syrup                       --   ¼ cup sugar & ¼ cup water; you can substitute with any light juice of your choice.

Mix the mango puree with the powdered sugar, keep aside.
Prepare the sugar syrup by adding the sugar to water and let it boil for 2 – 3 minutes. Keep it aside and let it cool.
Chill the bowl and wire whisk in the freezer for an hour. Add the heavy cream and whip until soft peaks.
Soak the gelatin in the water for a few minutes. Heat the gelatin mixture just until dissolved. Bring it to room temperature.
Strain and add the gelatin mixture to the mango puree and mix well.
Add the mango mixture to the whipped cream and fold until well combined.
It is good to prepare the mousse when it is ready to assemble the cake. Else, the mousse might get set in bowl.
Cut the cake horizontally into 2 equal layers. Keep the first layer of the cake in a 9inch spring form pan.Make sure that the cake is in the center. Brush it nicely with sugar syrup / any favorite light juice.  Pour half of the mousse on top of the first layer. Fill the sides of the cake(we have an 8 inch cake in a 9 inch pan) and smoothen the top. Place the other half on top of the smoothened mousse. Brush it with the syrup and then pour the remaining mousse on top of this layer and let this also fill in the sides. Smoothen the top and also make sure that you have enough room for the glaze on the top of the pan.
Cover it with a plastic wrap / aluminum foil and chill it for 8 hours / overnight.
Mango Mousse Cake 2
Mango Glaze:
Powdered Gelatin  --   3 tsp
Cold water                --   ½ cup
Mango puree           --   ½ cup
Powdered sugar     --   3 tbsp , adjust according to the sweetness / sourness of the puree
Soak the gelatin in ¼ cup of cold water. Add the sugar to the remaining water and heat it until the sugar is dissolved. Add the soaked gelatin to the hot sugar syrup and mix until the gelatin is dissolved.Heat more if required.Add it to the mango puree and let it cool to room temperature. Strain and pour it onto the chilled mousse. Keep it back in the fridge for another couple of hours and allow it to set.
Mango Mousse Cake 3
Decorate as per your wish.
Recipe Courtesy - Mango mousse: A cup of cake
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