Chicken Roast

Chicken Pattichathu 5
Ingredients (Serves 6 - 7):
Chicken                   --   1 kg, approximately
Onion                       --   3 big, thinly sliced
Crushed garlic      --   1½ tbsp
Crushed ginger     --   1½ tbsp
Shallots                    --   15 - 20nos
Black pepper          --   1½ tbsp
Turmeric powder --   ½ tsp
Chilly powder        --   1½ tbsp, adjust accordingly - this level is above medium spicy.
Fennel seeds          --   ½ tsp
Garam Masala        --   1 tsp
Tomato Sauce        --   2 tbsp
Soya Sauce              --   1 tbsp
Coriander leaves   --   6 - 8 stalks, chopped
Mustard seeds        --   1 tsp
Curry leaves            --   1 sprig
Salt                              --   as required
Oil                                --   2 - 3 tbsp, I used coconut oil
Chicken Pattichathu 6

Marinate the chicken with turmeric powder, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, pepper, chilly powder, garam masala, crushed fennel seeds, salt, roughly chopped shallots and one onion thinly sliced. Keep it aside for half an hour.
Cook the marinated chicken with half a cup of water in a pressure cooker / a wide pan until the chicken is well done. Cook with the lid open  until the gravy is semi thick consistency.
In a heavy bottomed pan, add the oil. Once the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add the curry leaves and the remaining two onions, thinly sliced and fry until the onions are golden brown. Add the tomato sauce and the soya sauce and saute for a minute.
    Chicken Pattichathu 1              Chicken Pattichathu 2
Add the cooked chicken to the fried onions and mix well.
     Chicken Pattichathu 3                Chicken Pattichathu 4
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.  Serve  hot with rice / chapathi.
Chicken Pattichathu 7
Recipe Courtesy: Partially from Magic Oven
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