Pink & Grey Speckled Stripes

Today's look is pretty simple (and I've got a bit of a family emergency happening this week, unfortunately) so I'll be keeping this post short and sweet. I hope to be back to my usual, long-winded self soon!

I'm still really enjoying my Pahlish polishes, so I used yet another one as my base for this quick & easy striping tape manicure.

Base: Pahlish Tashbaan
Striped tips: Ginger + Liz Grounded, Lancome 375B Rose Boudoir

They don't seem to show at all in my regular pictures, but there are very tiny bright pink flecks in the polish, which is why I chose bright pink for my accent nails. Here's a closeup shot where you can maybe see the pink flecks a bit better:

Thanks for looking!

Boom Goes the Blue

This is yet another one of those manicures that turned out very differently from what I was picturing, but that I ended up liking a lot anyway. That feels like the story of my life on this blog sometimes! Must be the "amateur" part of Amateur Manicure...

I started out trying to replicate this tutorial that I saw ages ago. However, because of the way I cut my tape triangles (and the fact that I cut SO MANY & refused to waste them—this took 60 little tape triangles, if you can even believe that), I ended up with this more general jagged pattern instead of the explosion shape from the tutorial. But that's okay! I'll try the explosion version again later, now that I know what I did wrong, and I already have some ideas for adding a little something to it, too.

I started with a base of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. Once that was good and dry, I put the tape triangles on one nail at a time and added my black (a-england Camelot). Then, once that was dry, I did the tape all over again (leaving a little of the black to show around the edges) and added Zoya Trixie.

I think it's definitely possible that some or all of this could be done with a nail art brush instead of tape, but I know my hand isn't at all steady enough to get the crisp lines I wanted. I also genuinely enjoy doing tape manicures, so I didn't mind all the fussing with it required for this method.

What about you—do you like to do super involved tape manis, or are they too much hassle? I'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks for looking!

Teal the Stars Come Out

This manicure happened because I'm still obsessed with my new Pahlish polishes and I couldn't get this purple & teal color combo out of my brain. Simple as that!

This is Pahlish Cauldron Pool on my thumb and ring & little fingers, and Sparitual Illume on the other two. The purple nails felt a little plain, so I also added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and a couple of teal stars that I punched out of some leftover nail wraps using a star-shaped craft punch. (The latter was super fast & easy, by the way! I'll definitely be picking up more craft punches soon to use for nail art.) I added the Fairy Dust first and then thought of the stars, so in retrospect it's maybe a bit too sparkly, but... ah well. What're you gonna do, y'know?

Not much to add here, other than the fact that I am still so, so impressed by the quality of the Pahlish polishes: they apply perfectly and they're just so beautiful and unique. I can't recommend the brand highly enough!

Thanks for looking!

Woodland Waterfall

Whenever I'm lacking inspiration, I find myself gravitating toward the waterfall technique invented by The Nailasaurus because it's so fun and easy. Just pick out a few colors that strike your fancy and grab your striping brush, and that's it! There's very little stress or planning involved, so I always feel like it's one of the more relaxing manicures I can do.

 For my latest waterfall, I went with a mix of pretty forest-y colors. These seem like nails that an elf or woodland fairy might wear: earthy, natural shades with just a hint of sparkle mixed in. Or maybe I'm just wishing I were an elf right now so that I could be outside enjoying the sunshine, instead of stuck indoors...

My base is Sunless Sea by Pahlish, an absolutely gorgeous mint green with tiny gold flecks in it. Sunless Sea went on like a dream—two very easy coats and the coverage was perfect. I'm already dying to wear it again!

The waterfall consists of the following:

Do you enjoy doing waterfall nails as much as I do? What colors do you like best for them?

Thanks for looking!

Patriotic Chevron

I said I wasn't going to do Fourth of July nails, and then I promptly changed my mind after seeing all the amazingly creative designs people were doing on Instagram. I just had to join in on the fun!

 Nothing complicated here—just the following polishes applied in this order with the brushes from their bottles:

Thanks for looking! And for those who celebrate it, have a safe & happy Fourth!
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